About Us

Century Mutual Insurance Association started in March of 1890 as Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Association. Founded for the purpose of caring for the insurance needs of the farmers in the local area. Originally the company wrote only fire insurance, and later added protection against wind perils and changed the name to Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of O’Brien County in about 1935.

In 2007, due to growth and the need to expand its writing territory, the Association became a 518A state-wide mutual and changed its name to Century Mutual Insurance Association. The company expanded its focus from O’Brien County and contiguous counties to serving 19 counties in northwest Iowa. In 2010 Century Mutual saw the need and opportunity to expand its territory again and did so to the current 27 counties that now comprise its writing territory. These additional counties have allowed the company to spread its risk to benefit its policyholders and reinsurance carrier.

Over the 125 plus year history of Century Mutual the changes in agriculture and insurance have been constant. At Century Mutual we are continually improving our products to meet the changing needs of today’s farm and homeowner by incorporating new technology to meet those needs and improve the ease of doing business.

Century Mutual has fulltime adjuster/inspectors on staff and we adjust our own claims and do our own inspections. Our home office is fully automated to allow for all processing and servicing of policies for our policyholders and agents. We look forward to the coming years as we continue to serve the people of Northwest Iowa with their insurance needs.

Vision Statement

Century Mutual Insurance Association is a financially strong and reputable Northwest Iowa farm and residential insurance company that is realizing profitable growth through sound underwriting , strong business fundamentals and dedicated customer service.