Claim Center

If a loss occurs:

  • Notify your agent or Century Mutual Insurance as soon as possible.
  • An aduster will contact the insured as soon as possible.
  • Make any necessary and reasonable repairs to prevent further damage.
  • Keep all bills, invoices and receipts or other vouchers that pertain to the claim.

In the event of:

  • Fire: Contact your agent immediately to notify them of the fire. Do not disturb the fire scene until we have observed the damage.
  • Water loss: Contact your agent immediately. Take proper actions to dry out and prevent further loss until you are in contact with an adjuster.
  • Wind, Hail or Tornado: Contact your agent immediately, make any repairs necessary to prevent further damage.
  • Theft or Vandalism: Contact the police immediately then contact your agent.
  • Death of Livestock: Contact your agent immediately. A postmortem examination must be performed by a veterinarian. In no event will we provide coverage if the loss is reported to us more than 48 hours after death.
  • Foreign Intake: Contact your agent immediately. All foreign intake claims must be reported to us no later than December 10th of each growing season. Losses must be reported to us as soon as possible and before repairs are made.

All other claims should be immediately reported to your agent.

When filing a claim be sure to give your current address, current phone number and contact person. Providing correct and current information will aid in the prompt handling of your claim.